Hunters reminded they are required to stop at check stations this fall

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is operating game check stations throughout the fall and hunters and anglers are reminded that they must stop at every station they encounter.

State law requires that hunters, anglers and trappers stop at any established check station they pass on their way to or from their hunting or fishing site, regardless of whether or not they harvested an animal and even if they have previously stopped and been checked at a different station.


Hunter check stations are set up by WGFD personnel around the state during hunting season in order to visit with hunters and anglers about their experience, ensure compliance with hunting laws and regulations and collect biological data. Some of the biological data collected include animal species, gender and age, antler and horn measurements, body size and condition and fat reserves.

In addition, biologists will sometimes collect blood, tissue and tooth samples to test for diseases such as brucellosis and chronic wasting disease. Gathering these samples allows wildlife managers to track the spread and prevalence of diseases as well as get an indication of general herd health by analyzing the body condition of hundreds of animals.

“Check stations allow us to efficiently collect a large amount of important data that would otherwise be difficult to accumulate in the field on an individual-by-individual basis,” said Dan Thiele, Sheridan Region Wildlife Management Coordinator. “We work quickly to collect the samples and take the measurements we need to get folks back on the road but are also available to visit with hunters about their trip and answer any questions they have.”


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