Help us put Wind River Country on the Google Map

Google recently unveiled a new program for Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), and the Wind River Visitors Council (WRVC) is on the cutting edge with it.

Wind River Country is the pilot program for the entire state, and the WRVC knows that the success of this program is dependent on the entire county.

Wind River Visitors Council contractors for Google, Truly360 will be driving all around Fremont County for 7 days, taking panorama photos for Google Street View. Visitors can see an up-close and personal look at our county when they visit Google Maps. Help us present Wind River Country in a fun & welcoming way!


  • Businesses and Organizations can have outside displays, flags, flowers, fun costumes, show your
    wares in front of your building on sidewalks & parking lots! Be creative!
  • People that represent the best of your town having fun in parks, on the sidewalks and in parking
    lots next to the streets. Got more ideas? Call your local Chamber of Commerce.

June 21, Dubois

Main Street @ 10 am

Contact the Dubois Chamber of Commerce at (307) 455-2556.

June 25, Lander

Main Street @ 10 am

Contact the Lander Chamber of Commerce at (307) 332-3892.

June 26, Riverton

Main Street @ 9 am & Federal Blvd. @ 11 am

Contact the Riverton Chamber of Commerce at (307) 856-4801.

More questions? Contact us at [email protected] or 307-851-1126.