#HeadsUp: Lander Police remind motorists to lock vehicles after recent string of burglaries

County 10 Photo - Lander Police Department

This #headsup is brought to you by Bailey’s Tire and Auto Service.

The Lander Police Department is reminding residents to lock their vehicles and keep valuables inside, especially overnight.


LPD recently responded to a handful of auto burglaries over the weekend. They issued the following statement on their Facebook page;


FRIENDLY REMINDER; WHEN YOU PARK IT, LOCK IT! ?: The Lander Police Department is reminding folks to please LOCK your vehicles, especially at night. LPD received several reports of automobile burglaries this past weekend.

The mischievous use the cover of darkness and the ease of access (unlocked doors) as prime opportunities to help themselves into your vehicle. Help us keep them out by simply securing your vehicle whenever you park it. Right before you go to bed, click the lock button on your fob one last time or go out and physically lock your vehicle up.

We also highly recommend you to remove ALL personal effects, such as; purses, wallets, electronics, GUNS, cash/coins, etc. You work hard for those effects, don’t give them away to just anybody!!

The mischievous won’t be leaving you any ‘Thank You’ cards after they rummage through your unlocked vehicle. If you do deem it necessary to keep such items in your vehicle, have the make/model/serial numbers written down somewhere. Thank you all for your cooperation! ?? Also, on an unrelated note, SPRING begins in (1) month!! ???