4 Foolproof Ways To Study Better This Year

Ditch The Superstitious Beliefs and Adapt Foolproof Ways To Study

While in many aspects of our life, doing some activity smartly will suffice, it is not the same when it comes to studying. There is no shortcut for studying and learning all the syllabus that we have and writing an exam. It requires hard work, persistence, and sound memory. Leaving everything to the last minute is the worse mistake you can make.


Below are study tips that can help you study and be more prepared this year so you are not overwhelmed before an important exam.

Select The Right Timing

There may be some people who say it’s not a good idea to study at night and some may advise you to wake up early in the morning to study with a fresh mind. Ignore such advice and pick a time that suits you best. If the stillness at night works for you to concentrate and focus better, so be it. The same goes for if you like to study with the sun rising in the background. Of course, you have to make sure you are well rested so you are more ready to take in everything. Being well-rested assures that your creative problem solving and memorizing skills are on their optimal level.

Choose The Right Method

When you force yourself to memorize too many elements in a small period of time, then it is harder for your memory to consolidate it all. Forming the right studying techniques is very vital. It is better to spread the time limit of the studying session over a longer period of time. You can start studying from a month or more before the exams rather than trying to cram all the knowledge a few days before your exam or test. Another good way to set a good method for studying is to study for 30 minutes to one hour every day on the new material you have got. This will make your memory easy to refresh when you re-read the study material before your exams.

Create The Right Atmosphere

Much as you would like to study while lying down in your bed or in front of the TV, there will be way too many distractions around you. Create a nice environment with a study table that is quiet and wherein you will not be disturbed. This will automatically get you prepared to study when you sit there. Keep your mobile phones and other gadgets outside when you go to study.

Be Physically Active

One thing to keep in mind is that you should also do some physical activity to keep your boredom away. When you fit physically, you are also more prepared mentally. Choose a hobby or outdoor activity that you can do every day for 30 minutes or more to refresh yourself. It can even be going for a walk with friends to discuss what you have studied and share some insights.

Following these tips might not make studying easier but it will allow you to be more focused. With consistent discipline and effort, you will get the results you want from studying.