atWork by County10

    County 10’s mission has always been to connect the community. For almost eight years, that mission has been largely accomplished through news and information on But, after settling into new ownership, we realized we could be more and do more for our community.

    The County 10 team has one of the best office spaces anywhere. So it wasn’t long before that reality, our mission and our desire to bring new things to Fremont County brewed into a plan to reimagine local office life.

    That’s why we’ve launched Fremont County’s first coworking space: atWork.

    We’ve built atWork on a fantastic partnership between Brunton Outdoor, County 10, CWC and IDEA, Inc.  Leveraging each organization’s unique assets, we’re building a network of mentors, speakers and resources that atWork membership can tap into.

    It’s shared office space built around a professional ecosystem of like-minded entrepreneurs. Here you can operate and grow your business while trading ideas, building connections, and, hopefully forming partnerships for new projects.

    And snacks. We have snacks.

    Alright, if you’ve read this far you’re probably thinking, “mmmkay, but, so what is this exactly?”

    Not every business has inventory, staff, and a need for visibility and access for walk-in traffic. There are MANY entrepreneurs, corporate professionals and small teams in Fremont County that don’t need an entire office building, but they need more than a card table in their basement. They need a space, some “stuff” and the energy that flows from like-minded people hustling to make things happen.

    They need a membership with atWork.

    The Workspace
    atWork is 12,000 square feet of “reclaimed warehouse” style office space at 2255 Brunton Court, Suite A in Riverton. We have some opportunities on the horizon to put spaces in other Fremont County communities, but we’re starting where our County 10 office is already located.

    We can provide dedicated private office space with your own desk, chair and storage. We have suites for small teams. We also have tables, couches, and corners to plop down with a laptop.

    An atWork Membership provides:

    • WiFi
    • Free printer/scanner/copier
    • Coffee, drinks and snacks
    • Mail and package service
    • Locker rooms and showers
    • Conference and meeting room usage
    • Benefits and discounts at local establishments (as available)

    Our Memberships are month-to-month with no down payments. We offer “Day Pass” Memberships, as well as monthly options at different levels and with different benefits. Check out our Membership Application for all the details and pricing.

    Shoot us an email to [email protected] or stop by the space (2255 Brunton Ct, Suite A in Riverton) to learn more and pick up an application.