Celebrate your Grad with a special message on County 10

    You can admit it…

    When your kid is running around in diapers and drawing on walls, sometimes it’s hard to imagine that they’ll ever amount to much.

    Then suddenly they grow up and become their own person. They start making their own decisions – and DRIVING. Yikes.

    It seems like you just looked away for a second and now they’re graduating. It can get pretty emotional for parents and mentors this time of year. So let’s celebrate them, together as a community.

    County 10 wants to give loved ones the chance to post a special message and photos to a dedicated page on County 10.

    We’ll share each post to social media and in our daily digest email. We’ll even be posting our graduation coverage to the page, so you can find and celebrate, share and embarrass them – all in one place 😉

    Just click the button below to fill out a form with a message and a couple of photos. It’s just $25 and you can write as much as you want.

    Cheers to the next gen of Wyoming leaders from all of us at County 10. 

    Celebrate a Grad

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