The Water for Wildlife Foundation works to preserve and protect both habitat and wildlife in areas lacking the most vital resource of all – water.

This year Water for Wildlife will provide $100,000 in funding to various projects. This means it’s critical that WFWF has good partners that can help the foundation achieve its goals. That’s where businesses like Zander’s One Stop come in.

On Monday, April 2nd, Robyn and Wade Alexander, owners of Zander’s One Stop in Lander presented a check for $5,000 to WFWF Executive Vice President Scott Harnsberger and Office Manager Gina Colovich.

Wade commented that it even though Zander’s is a new business, this was important to them. “We’re involved in the organization and we believe in what they do to protect wildlife.”

The foundation currently has 24 applications for water enhancement projects. Donations like this one help the Foundation to fund those projects. Donors earn permanent recognition on signage used to mark the completed projects.

WFWF Executive Vice President, Scott Harnsberger thanked Zander’s “for their cooperation in supporting Water for Wildlife and the Hunt Banquet that takes place each fall. Without Zander’s and others like them, we just simply couldn’t do what we do.”

By providing permanent and reliable supplemental water sources, Water for Wildlife has improved seasonal and year-round habitats for wildlife. Wildlife have been known to expand their ranges into previously unoccupied habitats once water has been developed. Types of projects include guzzlers, springs, wetlands, conversions to solar wells, etc. Each project is uniquely designed to take maximum advantage of location, conditions, and topography.

The foundation, originally founded in 1975 by members of the One Shot Antelope Hunt and Past Shooters Club, is headquartered in Lander and has completed more than 460 projects in 12 western states. To learn more and see how you can get involved, please contact the Water for Wildlife Foundation at 307-332-6862 or