#WyoStrong: ‘Wyoming boy saving lives one helmet at a time’

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    Lander Middle School 8th grader Randy Mock was a passenger on a slow-moving ATV when he fell off the back after the driver hit a rut. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and landed on his head causing multiple skull fractures, brain swelling, brain bleeds, TBI, and a blown eardrum, shared Randy’s mom Davette.

    Randy was life-flighted to Utah following the accident. His recovery is going really well and he has decided to raise awareness about the importance of wearing a helmet. Turning this negative experience into a positive one. “If you fall off it could kill them,” Randy shared when asked what he would like others to know. “You could end up in the hospital for weeks, and you don’t remember what happened.”

    “He is definitely very fortunate to be up and recovering as quickly as he is,” Davette said. “The next person might not be as lucky. It’s a very scary experience to witness your child hurt, and not being able to ride in the ambulance with them right now.”

    In addition to educating families on the importance of wearing a helmet, Randy is giving them out to kids he sees that are not wearing them. Over the last week, he’s given out five, Davette noted. In order to continue giving out helmets, he’s raising funds to purchase them as well as bicycle helmets. Both are very important.

    If you’d like to donate to Randy’s initiative you can through his GoFundMe account, Facebook page, mail checks to P.O. Box 272, Hudson, WY 82515. Randy also plans to be at Hudson Days.

    If your kiddo is in need of a helmet you can message them through the Facebook page or give Davette a call at (307) 709-0515.

    We are very thankful for all of the support over the last couple of weeks for his recovery. Thank you all for being apart of Randy Mocks journey to provide helmets to anyone that needs them.

    -Davette Mock

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