#WyoStrong: Winter Rendezvous Games offers cold-weather fun and community bonding

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    There’s a new winter tradition in Riverton. The first ever Winter Rendezvous Games will take place at City Park Saturday, February 2nd from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

    The games themselves are an eclectic mix. There are physical challenges like push/pull a Riverton Police Department squad car, tug-of-war, and snowball throwing. There are creative challenges like ice carving, sled building, and an obstacle course in which teammates will help dress their partner up in heavy winter clothes before attempting the course. And for the not as subtly talented, there will be a donut eating contest.


    16 community teams are registered to compete. Here’s a rundown of competing teams:

    Home source Hypothermic’s
    CB&T Bad Assets
    Cherry Bombs Roller Derby
    Roasted Bean Beaners 1
    Roasted Bean Beaners 2 
    Roasted Bean Beaners 3
    Job Corps Honey Combs
    Job Corps Kings & Queens
    Rocky Mountain Logistics RML
    United Methodist Church no name yet
    Teton Athletic Club Tetons Ridiculous 6
    Teton Athletic Club Teton Titans 
    Mayor Rich Gard Wolverine Warriors 
    The Depot Wolverine Warriors 
    Bench Mark Dental no name yet 
    Prime Variable Athletics The Frosty Flippers

    Riverton City Councilwoman and Parks Department member Rebecca Schatza spearheaded the idea behind the winter fun, explaining to County 10, “I was in the Marine Corps and when I was stationed in Camp Pendleton, California, each year we would have an event called the “Leatherneck Challenge” where units from all over the base would compete each other for the traveling trophy. It was meant to build unit cohesion and build moral. I felt our community needs events like this to bring us together.”

    Schatza says now more than ever, Riverton needs opportunities for residents to bond together, “I just hope this event brings our community together to become a solid working team that begins building our community up rather than standing by and watching it fail.”


    Over the last few months, Riverton political “movers and shakers,” as well as many community members, have begun to noticeably target Riverton City Park as an area that needs positive attention. Several community events are planned for the space in 2019, near Memorial Day weekend the splash pad should be available for use, and this weekend it’s a chance for residents to bond over the fun competition. “My goal since moving back to Riverton is to get more positive things in our City Park,” Schatza said. “It’s the largest intersection in our community and when travelers make their way through I want them to have a reason to stop and come back.”

    Community supporters are encouraged to come cheer on your favorite teams and watch the fun this Saturday.

    Additionally, on Friday, February 1st there will be a “lantern release” party to kick off the winter games. This event is free to the public beginning at 6:00 p.m.


    And, after playing in the snow Saturday, everyone is invited to the Rendezvous Bowl Soup and Chili Cook-Off at the Masonic Temple (107 S. Broadway) beginning at 6:00 p.m. Donations are encouraged if you would like to eat.

    For more details on the Winter Games, follow their Facebook page here! 




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