#wyostrong: More than 60 people attended Service Organization meeting in Riverton

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    On Monday night in Riverton, more than 60 people representing close to 50 different organizations gathered at City Hall. The goal of the meeting was to connect groups and volunteers to network and share priorities.

    The meeting was coordinated by the City of Riverton Community Engagement Committee.


    Committee Member Bethany Baldes, who was live-streaming the meeting on her Local Ladies Facebook Page, spoke about how “I hear people say that there’s nothing happening in Riverton. This turnout proves that statement wrong.”

    The Committee shared that one of the hopes from this meeting was to engage the groups in the room in order to leverage and coordinate resources. Mary Axthem, the President of the Committee, explained they consider “energy and ideas” to be the primary resources that need coordination as opposed to funding.

    That statement was proved accurate as each organization was given an opportunity to introduce what they do and share some of the goals and needs. The factor that seemed to unify every group? A need for volunteers to bring new energy and ideas to the various boards and projects across Riverton.


    Another point raised was a need for coordination and awareness about what all the various groups are doing and when.

    One example was when a representative from Riverton’s Little League Baseball program spoke about the tournament they’re hosting Wednesday – Sunday of this week, July 17 – 21. Seventeen teams from all over the State will be in attendance and many didn’t know it was happening. Once announced several business owners in attendance said they would be willing to donate or offer discounts to the players.

    To address this specific need, City Administrator Tony Tolstedt announced the new community calendar function on the revamped City of Riverton website.


    “The calendar is driven by the community and we hope people use it to raise awareness. Organizations can now submit community projects and events directly to us to put on the calendar.”

    The process to submit an event is very simple:

    1. Go to
    2. Click “How Do I” at the top of the page
    3. Then click “Submit” followed by “News or Event Item”
    4. Fill out the form, attaching any information or documents necessary



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