#WyoStrong: Lander’s hidden treasure… literally, there’s treasure [PODCAST]

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    On June 6th, Forrest Fenn’s Treasure was found in northern New Mexico. If you’re not familiar – an author hid about a million dollars worth of coins, gold, and other valuables.

    A vague poem and a map indicated that it was located somewhere in the Rocky Mountain region were all treasure seekers had for clues. That didn’t stop over a quarter million people from looking for Fenn’s treasure, everywhere from Canada to New Mexico. Many thought it might be in Wyoming, but ultimately it was located in northern New Mexico.


    Tony’s Pizza Owner Adam Kirkpatrick and Wyoming Community Bank Branch Manager Kendall Hayford were among the estimated 350,000 people that spent time looking for Fenn’s treasure. “It was devastating,” Kirkpatrick said when he realized it had been found. “The magic just popped.”

    But it wasn’t soon after that Adam decided to do a mini treasure hunt of his own…

    Two days after that video was posted, the Wells family announced they located the treasure. The expert treasure seeker, Willow, is pictured with her prize at McManus Park above.

    What’s even cooler than finding treasure? Keeping it going for someone else. The Wells family are doing just that, hiding the treasure again with more coins and adding gift certificates to “The Mill.” They did keep the Tony’s Pizza gift card (because, have you had that pizza?) 


    Willow announced her plans to keep the treasure going with the video and poem below:

    A second chest with treasure in it
    Is hidden within city limits
    Though you might search high and low
    Neither is the place to go

    This hunt might take a little while
    But your reward will make you smile
    Though it will be hard to see
    You’ll find your goal beneath a tree

    Earlier this week, the County 10 Podcast went to Tony’s Pizza to sit down with Adam and Wyoming Community Bank’s Kendall Hayford. They said because the first treasure was so much fun, they’ve decided to go bigger – much bigger.


    Kendall and Adam purchased $1,000 worth of coins and are hiding a treasure somewhere in the Lander surrounding area. That treasure hunt will begin sometime next week. A social media page will be set up for clues, or you can follow details on County 10 and the Tony’s Pizza Facebook page.

    To listen to the treasure hunt podcast with Adam and Kendall, click here.

    The original treasure hunt has a Facebook group, to follow that click here! 


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