#WyoStrong: Heroic video of Jackson Hole PD entering burning building released

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    The Jackson Hole Police Department has released body cam video from one of their officers who entered a structure fire at the Rusty Parrott Lodge. The officers were able to evacuate all occupants safely, likely saving lives.

    Earlier this year, County 10 spotlighted a Wyoming Catholic College graduate who is now with the Jackson Hole Police Department.


    The Jackson Hole Police Department released the following information about the event:

    On November 18, 2019, Jackson Police Officers and Teton County Deputies responded to a report of a structure fire at the Rusty Parrott Lodge, located at 175 North Jackson Street. Sgt. Kellams, Officer Quinn, Officer Lancaster, along with Deputies Fielding, Priest and Dyson all immediately began evacuating the building.

    We would like to recognize one of these officers in particular, who went above and beyond in demonstrating the value the Jackson Police Department places on human life. In the attached video, Officer Lancaster can be seen racing up the steps to evacuate the last man who was passed out in his room which was closest to the fire. Officer Lancaster refused to leave the room unchecked and crawled through the thick smoke to pound on the door to wake him up and get him out. Officer Lancaster performed admirably and was calm under fire, (pun intended). With everyone’s help they were able to evacuate the entire hotel and save lives.

    That’s hometown hero stuff right their, people. These are the kind of police officers you have working for your police department and each one of them would run into a burning building to save you or someone you love.


    Thank you, Officer Lancaster, for keeping our town 


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