#WyoStrong: Eastern Shoshone Tribal member, LVHS grad rescues woman from Lake Coeur d’Alene yesterday

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    Eastern Shoshone Tribal member and 2018 Lander Valley High School graduate Christen Sloss jumped into Lake Coeur d’Alene yesterday to rescue an older woman struggling in the water.

    She was on a deflating raft around 30-40 feet out, trying to paddle back to safety, Christen explained. Hearing her yell for help and being alerted by people in the area, “My first thought was just to save her. Nothing mattered at the moment. I didn’t care what was in my pockets or the clothes I was wearing.”

    Relying on the swimming and diving classes he had at a young age, adrenaline kicked in when he hit the water. “I had to basically carry her and the raft back,” he explained. “Her whole body weight was on me.”

    Christen can be seen below in the security camera footage jumping in the water and bringing her to safety:

    h/t Lanell VonFeldt, Christen’s mom, for sharing providing the above video to County 10

    Christen attends North Idaho College where he studies Wildlife Biology and Videography. He works at Brooks Seaplanes that gives scenic tours around the lake which put him in the right place at the right time.

    I never thought I’d be in this position that would change someone’s life. I’m grateful for being in that position and helping her out and that she came out safe.

    With the help of passersby, Christen was able to get her on the dock where she was still in shock, but able to relax and catch her breath for a few minutes.

    Christen’s mom shared that she “and the rest of his family are so proud of his selfless act to help this lady.”

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