#WyoStrong: 65 days in isolation, here’s how we passed the time

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    Esperanza Rivera-Chavarria spent 65 days quarantined with her five children, her son’s father Juan Rivera Sr, and youngest Ezzabella’s father, Eliceo Cazares.

    Together, they voluntarily decided to stay in to help protect their mother from contracting COVID-19 while she receives treated for an underlying illness. The family wanted nothing more than to be together quarantined than outside separated.

    “It was good to get to know my kids again,” Rivera-Chavarria said. The children ranging from preschool to college, all helped prosper entertainment in the household to pass the time.

    Starting on March 13th, the family changed their living habits. Despite their best efforts, members of the family still contracted COVID-19 and had to push for heavier restrictions. Avoiding going to work and changing shoes and clothes before entering the house.

    The strict quarantine rules even sending Rivera-Chavarria’s oldest son Elias, to come home from college. He chose to sit outside on the porch and talk to his mother from outside her window.

    Arts and crafts took over the house as they all started painting, coloring, and growing plants. The parents took advantage of their time with the kids to teach them quality life skills like budgeting and stronger health practices.

    Youngest daughter Ezzabella had fun playing hospital as she made all the family members work in shifts so they could understand the lifestyle of health care workers. She urged everyone to get better and take on practices that’ll keep the community healthy.

    Even under the circumstances, the family was under, they all managed to have a positive attitude and take advantage of their resources.

    The family would like to thank Beau Wendling of NYL, One Stop Help Center, volunteers that did grocery shopping and the Fremont County Board of Realtors for all the help and donations as during the 65 days of quarantine. There were 6 weeks where the adults in the house were unable to work, so all of their help is deeply appreciated.

    Interested in seeing the family misadventure check out the gallery below.

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