#WyoStrong: 2 Lander businesses join forces to sanitize, protect spaces

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    The Lander Distilling Company and Ameri-Clean have teamed up to provide Fremont County a way to sanitize and protect a variety of large and small spaces.

    Ameri-Clean is a division of specialized equipment manufacturer Ameri-Tech Equipment Company (ATEC) who put their expertise to work in designing a piece of equipment that simultaneously dispenses the disinfectant created by the Lander Distilling Company, and a titanium dioxide preventative solution that protects surfaces from the virus for up to 90 days, ATEC President Brandon Emmert shared.

    Disinfecting the Fremont Motors building in Lander

    You might be wondering when the Lander Distilling Company opened up. Owner Paul McCown shared he has not started producing gin full-time yet. He only formalized his gin-making hobby a few months ago and has since worked toward opening up the Lander Distilling Company. Paul’s focus changed a little when he was asked by the State of Wyoming and the Wyoming Business Council to make hand sanitizers for emergency responders and healthcare workers.

    The specialized machine has GPS capability that allows the system to adjust the flow rate based on the speed of travel to ensure even coverage of the sanitizer. It also has ten individual nozzles that have the capability of covering up to 250,000 square feet per hour. You can check out the process in the short video shared below.

    Currently, Ameri-Clean is serving all of Fremont County on a first-come, first-serve basis while additional units are in production. Next week, they will be sanitizing the Fremont County Detention Center, Brandon shared.

    The cost of the application is only 10¢ per square foot, with reduced pricing for spaces larger than 50,000 square feet. To learn more or to schedule your disinfectant process, you can call (307) 337-1154, email [email protected], or text (307) 349-0029.

    Disinfecting the Fremont Motors building in Lander

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