Wyoming’s school systems ranked 19th best in country

    Wallethub has ranked the 50 states and Washington D.C. on overall school system performance.

    Key dimensions measured included overall quality and safety. They evaluated 33 different metrics, which you can read about on their full report.

    Wyoming ranks in the better half of the country, at 19th overall.


    Wyoming took 18th in overall school quality and 29th in overall school safety. In one of the metrics, Wyoming ranked 5th overall in nationwide math scores.

    States with the Best School SystemsStates with the Worst School Systems
    1. Massachusetts42. Arkansas
    2. Connecticut43. South Carolina
    3. New Jersey44. Alabama
    4. Virginia45. Nevada
    5. Vermont46. Mississippi
    6. New Hampshire47. Oklahoma
    7. Minnesota48. Alaska
    8. Wisconsin49. Arizona
    9. Delaware50. Louisiana
    10. Maryland51. New Mexico

    Best vs. Worst

    • Iowa has the lowest dropout rate, 8.60 percent, which is 3.7 times lower than in the District of Columbia, the highest at 31.50 percent.
    • Vermont has the lowest pupil-teacher ratio, 10.50, which is 2.2 times lower than in Arizona, the highest at 23.53.
    • Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Vermont have the lowest share of high school students who reported being threatened or injured with a weapon on school property, 4.80 percent, which is 2.7 times lower than in Louisiana, the highest at 12.80 percent.
    • The District of Columbia has the lowest share of high school students who were bullied online, 8.90 percent, which is 2.4 times lower than in Louisiana, the highest at 21.20 percent. 

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