Wyoming’s Re-elected Congressional Delegation thanked state voters for their support

    In the hours after Tuesday’s General Election in Wyoming, U.S. Representative Liz Cheney and U.S. Senator John Barrasso released statements thanking the state’s voters for their continued support. Their statements are copied below in their entirety:

    Liz Cheney 

    Rep. Liz Cheney/Facebook

    “I’m honored by the trust the people of Wyoming have again placed in me to serve as their Representative in Congress, and I thank my opponents for their willingness to participate in our political process. I am grateful for all of the volunteers who worked on behalf of our campaign. Now that the election is over, we must keep our promises, fight to restore America’s power in the world and protect the strength of the economy for our families, workers, ranchers, industries and every one of our citizens. Serving alongside Senators Barrasso and Enzi and now Governor-elect Mark Gordon on behalf of Wyoming is more than a privilege, it is a charge to uphold. I will never stop fighting for our beloved state.”


    John Barrasso

    Wyoming’s Junior Senator John Barrasso, MD

    “I am deeply grateful to voters for giving me the incredible opportunity to continue to serve Wyoming in the U.S. Senate.  It is a great privilege to work every day for the future of our state and country.

    “I look forward to working closely with Wyoming people as well as those elected to represent us, Governor-elect Gordon, Representative Cheney, my good friend and partner Mike Enzi, as well the legislative and local elected leaders to achieve long lasting results.

    “Bobbi and I are truly thankful for the help of so many friends and supporters.  I want to thank everyone who stood with us and believe like we do that there is much more we can achieve together for Wyoming.


    “God Bless Wyoming.”


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