Wyoming’s most embarrassing Thanksgiving related internet search

What happens when your Thanksgiving dinner plans don’t go as expected?

Wyoming residents turn to Google and ask, “Is McDonald’s open?” That’s according to a new survey from Zippia which tallies the most embarrassing Thanksgiving related questions from all 50 states.

Utah is trying to figure out “the difference between a yam and a sweet potato.” Colorado needs help from the “Butterball Turkey hotline.” Idaho has got some tense family happenings and are searching for “Divorce.” Meanwhile, Nebraska is looking to keep things light with “Funny Knock Knock Jokes.”


In Montana, they’re looking for “How To Cough.” Hope things are okay, Big Sky country.

Some of our other favorites…

California – “Racist Grandma”

Oklahoma – “How to open a jar.”


Indiana – “How to unclog a toilet without a plunger.”

Rhode Island – “Liquor stores”

Tennessee – “Can you cook a turkey in the microwave?”


For the full list from Zippia, click here.


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