Wyoming’s Low Water String Band releases new album, Wyoming Wind

(Lander, WY) — The Low Water String Band released a new EP, Wyoming Wind, on April 29—marking the band’s 10-year anniversary. The four-song release evokes the Wyoming-bred indie-grass the band is known for. 

The Low Water String Band formed in 2012 after a casual gig at the Lander Bar. While Joe Lefevre, Jared Scott, and Stuart Cerovski had previously been in a band together, Anne Scott and Jacob Weiss rounded out the group, bringing old traditional bluegrass tunes and new song ideas. 

“We evolved out of a Sunday Lander Bar jam,” Jared Scott said. “At one of these jams, a magical ingredient with a fiddle named Jacob Weiss sat in with us, and just like that, Low Water String Band became a stew pot of members coming in and out through the years.”  


The band faced a few member transitions throughout the years, but the core members remain the same. To this day, the band consists of Lefevre (vocals, mandolin, fiddle), Jared Scott (banjo, vocals), Anne Scott (bass, vocals), and Cerovski (guitar). 

Over the last decade, the band has grown into a close-knit music collective that shares a love for folk/bluegrass and Wyoming’s gritty, wide-open spaces. The Low Water String Band touts an identifiable sound, offering a combination of driven, unrefined traditional bluegrass with a well-tailored, folk-tinged Americana. 

“It turns out that our different playing styles congeal into something that feels unique,” said Lefevre. “It’s fun, comfortable, and satisfying.”

Since this is the band’s third release, the tracklist came together easily. The Low Water String Band selected four original tunes they played through the years: Wyoming Wind, Waiting, Young Man’s Game, and 12 Cold Graves. 

“We wanted to choose four songs that complimented each other and go thematically together,” said Lefevre. “So, we chose the themes of love, perseverance, and old-timey murder!”


The EP is full of inviting three-part harmonies that flow amidst grainy textures and a steady, full-bodied bass, unmistakable traits of the Low Water String Band’s Wyoming roots and sound. At the heart of the album is Wyoming Wind, a song written by Jared, which has grown into the band’s anthem. 

“I love Jared’s Wyoming Wind,” said Lefevre. “It’s like we knew when we heard it the first time it would be a significant song for us. The traditional bluegrass sound it has and the homage to Wyoming’s most odious feature makes it a staple for us.” 

The Low Water String Band thrives on collaboration. All four members contribute to the songwriting process. 

 “I usually get the nugget of a song: lyrics, lead lines, and chordal structure down,” said Lefevre. “Then I bring it to the band. And while I’m busy trying to remember the lyrics, Anne navigates the harmony, and Stuart and Jared come up with interesting parts.”

The band tried a new recording method for this album at Preferred Records in Lander, WY. Instead of recording parts individually, the band tracked the entire album live to capture the feel of playing in the same room together. To do this, Low Water String Band and Sound Engineer Brad Christensen, designed separation chambers that allowed the band to play simultaneously but still permit individual track mixing later. The experience created interesting challenges and an opportunity for the band to innovate on their traditional recording methods. 

“We changed this process by recording live this time,” said Anne Scott. “It was kind of hysterical to isolate sounds like we needed to… Stuart ended up recording guitar parts in the bathroom.”

“Personally, as an acoustic porch player, dealing with the complexity of recording can be daunting,” said Cerovski. “But the ease, camaraderie, and support that the band has for each other make the process work.”

The Low Water String Band will celebrate the release of Wyoming Wind and commemorate a decade of playing music together on May 7 at 7 p.m at the Coalter Loft in Lander, WY. 

“I feel proud,” said Anne Scott. “Proud that we still really like each other and that we’re producing new music. Proud that we’ve been able to play all over the state of Wyoming. I’m proud that we’re a band ten years later. I think our songwriting has gotten more complex in a challenging and fun way.”

Wyoming Wind is available to stream on all major streaming platforms or for purchase as a CD.

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