Wyoming’s favorite cake flavor uncovered…

    (Wyoming) – County 10 gets to the bottom of some of your burning questions, like… what is Wyoming’s favorite cake flavor? And, while that honestly may not have been at the top of your mind today, now you kinda want to know, right?

    The website ‘Eat This, Not That‘ tallied cake data based on Google Trends, recipe searches and cake purchases.

    Ultimately they decided that our state’s favorite cake is: German Chocolate.


    Wyoming was the only state in the USA that preferred German Chocolate the most.

    Our neighbors in Colorado picked devil’s food cake as their favorite. Meanwhile, South Dakota went the opposite route with angel food cake.

    Montana likes simple chocolate cake the most. Idaho and Nebraska went basic with pumpkin spice cake. And we’re hoping Utah invites us to the party with their love of Funfetti Cake.

    If that wasn’t enough cake for ya, check out every state’s favorite right here!


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