Wyoming wolves stop to check out trail camera [VIDEO]

Wolves, Yellowstone National Park

It’s been 25 years since wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park.

To commemorate that event, the Yellowstone National Park social medias are going live each Tuesday in March. Park officials will answer questions about wolves, share what they’ve learned over the last quarter century, and to show footage of the creatures.


Recently, a Yellowstone National Park trail camera caught a few wolves passing by. One of the animals was especially interested in the camera.

For more on Yellowstone National Park’s live wolf broadcasts, click here. 

Recently, 10Cast Network show RADCast Outdoors sat down with Dan Thompson, the Large Carnivore Supervisor with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. They discusses the reintroduction of wolves, the controversy surrounding the animal, and current management protocol. To listen to that interview, click here or find RADCast Outdoors where you get your podcasts!