Wyoming TIP Challenge aims to find homes for wild mustangs, burros

    (Fremont County, WY) – The Wyoming Mustang Association will hold their annual Wyoming TIP Challenge at the State Fair in Douglas on August 19th in an effort to find homes for the wild mustangs and burros from the BLM roundups.

    Check out the press release below about this year’s Wyoming TIP Challenge and how to participate.

    Come join us for the 2022 Wyoming TIP Challenge on August 19th, 2022. A TIP Challenge is where you pick up an untouched Mustang and/or Burro and have 90 Days to train your animal(s). At the end of the 90 days, you will compete with others at the Wyoming State Fair. The competition is “In Hand Only” with a freestyle. There is no riding in the TIP Challenge. There will be an adult class and a youth class. Youth will have yearlings and adults will have animals 3 years old or older.  


    Competitors’ names will be drawn out of a hat matched with an animal’s tag number. This selection will be totally random. People may trade animals on the day of pick up if they want before paperwork is finalized. Competitors have to be within US borders because all horses will be adopted and no SA. There will be a network of trainers to help challenge participants. On the day of the challenge, trainers can say whether they want to keep their animal or auction them off (last minute to decide is check-in) but if we know ahead of time, we can help advertise available animals. To participate you must fill out and submit a BLM adoption application to the Cheyenne BLM office. Pick up date will be May 6th, 2022 at the Wheatland BLM horse facility. 

    This was a fun event and all who completed it last year had a blast doing it. Just remember while it is a competition with others it is a friendly one and should encourage others who are competing in the challenge. This is a way to get these wonderful animals into good homes and out of the facilities. The Mustangs in this competition will be Wyoming horses and the Burros will be from outside of Wyoming. We encourage you to come participate or watch this wonderful event. All interested adopters must complete and submit the TC adopter applications (with parent/guardian signatures if applicable) and postmarked or e-mailed by March 30, 2022.  

    To get an application please e-mail Dani at [email protected].

    For more information please contact the Wyoming Mustang Association or Dani Welch.


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