Wyoming ranks as 2nd best state for civic racial equality

    The Equality State is getting some national recognition for it’s equality.

    According to a study from the group WalletHub, Wyoming ranks second overall in their list of states with the most civic engagement racial equality. The only state ranking higher was New Mexico.

    Five key metrics were measured in the study, including voter turnout rate, volunteer rate, share of veterans, share of adult population on parole, and share of single-parent households.


    Racial Equality in Social & Civic Engagement in Wyoming (1=Most Equality; 25=Avg.):

    • 1st – Share of Single-Parent Households
    • 23rd – Share of Adult Population on Parole
    • 1st – Share of Veterans

    Kentucky, Nevada, and Colorado rounded out the top 5 best. States faring the worst included Wisconsin, Oregon, Iowa, South Dakota, and Washington D.C.

    For the full study click here!


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