Wyoming ranks 48th on list of best states for women’s equality

    A new study from WalletHub suggested some not great news for the Equality State.

    The study set out to determine where women received the most equal treatment in the United States. 17 different metrics were calculated in the study including workplace environment, education, health, and political empowerment.

    For the complete study, click here.

    Best States for Women’s EqualityWorst States for Women’s Equality
    1. Hawaii41. Virginia
    2. Maine42. Ohio
    3. Nevada43. Kansas
    4. New Mexico44. Mississippi
    5. Arizona45. Alabama
    6. Massachusetts46. Louisiana
    7. New York47. Texas
    8. Vermont48. Wyoming
    9. Minnesota49. Idaho
    10. California50. Utah

    Best vs. Worst

    • In every state, women earn less than men. California has the lowest gap, with women earning 11.70 percent less, whereas Wyoming has the highest, 32.20 percent.
    • In nearly every state, women represent the highest share of minimum-wage workers. Arizona, Montana and Illinois have an equal ratio of women to men. Iowa, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Vermont, Wisconsin and Wyoming have the highest minimum-wage workers gap at 50.00 percent.
    • Alaska has the highest unemployment-rate gap favoring women, with 2.80 percent more unemployed men. Rhode Island has the highest gap favoring men, with 1.00 percent more unemployed women. The unemployment rate is equal for men and women in California.
    • In nearly every state legislature, male lawmakers outnumber their female counterparts. Nevada has the highest gap favoring women, with 10.00 percent more women. West Virginia has the highest gap favoring men, with 84.48 percent more men.

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