Wyoming man serves another man’s jail sentence after giving authorities fake name

    According to the Gillette News Record, a 30-year-old Wyoming man served a different man’s two-day jail sentence after lying to authorities about his name.

    Hans Heller was arrested by Campbell County Sheriffs on August 18th. He gave the Sheriff’s Department a fake name and proceeded to lie about his name when he went before a court.

    Heller was allegedly giving a false name because he was trying to avoid charges of failure to comply with child support and various other charges.


    However, the fake name Heller provided also had an active warrant.

    Campbell County Sheriffs booked Heller on the charge that the man with the name provided had, which included a two-day jail sentence.

    While in jail, Sheriffs realized Heller did not match the appearance of the other man. He was immediately charged with perjury, forgery, and interference.






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