Wyoming man recovering after being struck by lightning at Jackson airport

Getty Images

Paul Beaupre is recovering after being struck by lightning on July 3rd in the parking lot at the Jackson Hole Airport. Doctors found he had a broken nose, jaw, and three ribs.

Beaupre told the Jackson Hole News & Guide that he had gone to the airport to pick up his son as the plane he was on was scheduled to land. A storm caused the plane to reroute to Salt Lake City moments before it was supposed to land in Jackson, so Beaupre walked out of the terminal and back to his vehicle.


Paul told the Jackson Hole News and Guide, “I saw a big flash of light. The next thing I knew, I woke up face-planted in the asphalt.”

The last reported lightning strike to a person in Teton County was in 2010 when a group of 17 climbers were near the summit of the Grand Teton. A lightning strike caused one climber to fall 2,000 feet and die. Many others were injured.

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