Wyoming Legislative website provides up-to-date information on 2019 general session

    Wyoming residents are encouraged to use the Wyoming Legislature’s Website to track legislation and participate in policymaking during the 2019 General Session in Cheyenne. The Web address is and is continually updated as each bill moves through the respective bodies.

    A variety of resources can be found on the site including all legislation and amendments sponsored by legislative committees and individual members. The text of each bill is posted on the Legislature’s Website as soon as the legislation is assigned a bill number.

    All bills in the House and Senate can be tracked via the legislative Website by clicking on the “Browse 2019 Bills” link on the homepage. In addition, residents can also find information about how their elected officials voted by clicking on the “Votes” tab located on each bill page. The results are posted after each roll call vote is taken on the House and Senate Floor.


    The times and dates of standing committee meetings and House and Senate daily floor schedules are also available on the Website. Calendars of floor proceedings in the Senate and House are posted in the late afternoon for the next day’s activities which include the legislation under consideration and the general order of business. You can also sign up to receive the committee notices and floor calendars electronically through the Legislature’s subscription service, available on the Legislature’s Website.

    The public can listen to live audio of the daily House and Senate proceedings. The audio can be heard by using any device that plays audio files and can be found by clicking on the “2019 General Session Audio” link on the homepage.

    The Website also provides a variety of ways for residents to contact their representatives including e-mail addresses for all legislators and the “Online Hotline” which allows the public to recommend support for or opposition to a piece of legislation and leave a comment regarding a bill.


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