Wyoming joins 10-State lawsuit against President Biden over Executive Order on carbon cost

(Cheyenne, WY) – The Governer’s office has released an official statement concerning the decision for Wyoming to become the 10th state to support a lawsuit against President Biden’s Executive Order on carbon cost.

In this Order, President Biden established a “working group” made up of federal appointees required to establish a damages value based upon global environmental damages from climate changes.

These values are referred to as the “social cost of carbon,” the “social cost of methane” and the “social cost of nitrous oxide.”


“This Executive Order improperly changes how decisions are made by applying a selective and highly biased feel-good rationale that has the potential to significantly harm industries critical to the nation’s and my state’s livelihood,” said Governor Gordon about the executive order.

“Arbitrarily justifying any decision to fit political circumstances, including decisions that could be devastating to Wyoming’s energy sector, is not only bad policy, but is unwise.”

In addition to Louisiana and Wyoming, the following states joined in the lawsuit filed this morning in the United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Dakota, Texas and West Virginia.

A copy of the lawsuit can be found here

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