Wyoming is one of the ‘nerdiest’ states in the country

    (Wyoming) – There are always new surveys and data coming out about the Cowboy State. A new publication showing how nerdy each state is, may have you surprised where Wyoming landed.

    This comes from showing which states are considered the ‘nerdiest’. How did they measure the makings of a nerd? Is it glasses, dungeons and dragons…maybe braces? Sure enough the folks at Zippia used things like:

    • Star Wars
    • Star Trek
    • Dungeons Dragons
    • Live action role-playing game
    • Harry Potter

    With those hobbies in mind, where did Wyoming rank as far as nerd states? Well, not as nerdy as most of our neighbors with Colorado coming in at 8, Idaho at 4, Montana at 12, while South Dakota is way at the bottom and much less nerdy then the rest.


    Wyoming ranked at number 14 overall.


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