Wyoming House votes to repeal the death penalty, Will be debated more in Senate

    The Wyoming House of Representatives voted 36-21 to end the death penalty in Wyoming. House Bill 145 was passed Friday and now will be sent to the Senate for more debate. Supporters of the bill are saying that repealing the death penalty would more fiscally responsible. Opponents say the death penalty is a deterrent for violent crimes. Wyoming is among 31 states that have the death penalty.

    The penalty has not been used since 1992 and there are currently not any inmates on death row.

    “With only nine Democrats in the Wyoming House of Representatives, this vote was driven by Republicans who value life, who want to be fiscally responsible, and who believe in limiting the scope of government. This active leadership of conservative state legislators wanting to end the death penalty reflects the trend we are seeing across the country. Wyoming is the latest signal that the death penalty is on its way out and that conservatives are leading the way.”- Hannah Cox, National Manager, Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty


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