Wyoming’s U.S. House of Representatives candidates debated in Riverton Tuesday night [Video]

Wyoming PBS hosted a debate with the four House of Representative candidates Tuesday evening at Central Wyoming College’s Little Theater.

Incumbent Republican Liz Cheney was joined on stage by challengers Greg Hunter (Democrat), Daniel Cummings (Constitution Party), and Richard Brubaker (Libertarian).


Topics ranged from issues on a national level, like border-security and working with President Trump, to local issues like Wyoming’s economy.

Each candidate was given a chance to introduce themselves before fielding questions from the panel, including moderator Craig Blumenshine.

Democrat Greg Hunter introduced himself first, saying Wyoming needs, “honest representation. We need to be honest about who we are and where we’re going. I understand Wyoming’s energy, agriculture, and tourism. For too long our politics have been based on fear and not ideas. We need genuine ideas, Wyoming ideas. I want to work with our state senators, Legislaters, and the Governor to address the issues that face Wyoming. We need to represent Wyoming voices and not the voices of out of state donors and lobbyists.”

Libertarian Richard Brubaker’s introduction was primarily spent on energy issues, “one of the big things I see is to reduce a lot of the regulations on our energy industries, I feel that an economic collapse due to the fact that our energy has ran us into regulations and taxes, and ran them into the ground. Wyoming could be a leader in the future of biofuels, other than that, reducing government and letting free enterprise take its course.”

Daniel Cummings began by giving a short background on why he’s running with the Constitution Party, “we represent smaller government, not just a slower increase in government, but actual reduction. The most pressing problem America has today is the reckless spending of the Federal Government. It harms Wyoming as well as the rest of the country. The answer is to repeal congressional authority to borrow money on the credit of the United States. I will introduce an amendment to the constitution.”

Finally, incumbent Liz Cheney took a moment to speak with the crowd. Cheney said she was very proud of the work that had been accomplished over the last two years, “what will be important going forward in 2019 is that we continue that momentum. If you look at what we’ve been able to do with respect to historic tax cuts, with respect to historic repeal of a regulation, and the numbers we’ve seen with jobs coming back to Wyoming, over 9,000 jobs have been created over the last two years.” Cheney also mentioned that she believed the country was “headed in the right direction” with coal, the 2nd amendment, defense of Pro-Life, and strengthening the military.

The video stream produced by Wyoming PBS is posted below so that you can see the debate in its entirety. Near the conclusion of the event, host Craig Blumenshine mentioned that this was the last major event for the CWC Little Theater, as it is scheduled to be repurposed.