Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper saved suicidal individual last week

    (Statewide) – A Douglas, WY Trooper was dispatched to a suicidal subject on I-25 early last week, according to a post recently shared on the Wyoming Highway Patrol (WHP) Facebook page.

    The trooper located the subject in a parking area near Douglas, and determined the person needed medical assistance and was still armed with a knife.

    Through training and experience, the Trooper was able to speak with the person and get him to put the knife down.


    The Trooper then administered lifesaving measures by applying a tourniquet to the person’s arm to stop the bleeding.

    During the event, the Trooper requested emergent medical care for the subject, which was sent from Converse County. During this stressful situation, the trooper was not only able to get the knife out of the person’s hand but also provide medical service in a calm and reassuring manner for a successful outcome.

    We pray for a quick and successful recovery for the person involved in this event.

    The Wyoming Highway Patrol understands many people have many struggles in life. Please reach out for assistance if you are in a crisis or thinking of harming yourself. Below are some great resources. Remember, we care about you, and you do matter to us!


    988 National Suicide and Crisis Hotline – 24 hours from your cell phone.

    1-800-273-TALK (8255) – Twenty-four hours from any phone.

    Text “START” to 741-74


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