Wyoming gets an “F” grade in social distancing according to data company


A New York-based data company called Unacast, is telling us that Wyoming isn’t very good at “socially distancing.”

Unacast created a “Socially Distancing Scoreboard” that grades each county and state on which residents are changing their behavior for the COVID-19 outbreak. They use data from cell phones to track the distance that people are traveling to decide whether or not people are staying put during Coronavirus.


Wyoming is the only state to get an “F” grade. Counties that are ranked as Wyoming’s best at socially distancing are; Teton, Hot Springs, Gosehn, Big Horn, and Park. The worst counties are Johnson, Uinta, Carbon, Sweetwater, and Albany. Unacast did note a decrease in travel so far this week compared to last week.

Our neighbors Idaho and Montana received “D” grades. Colorado meanwhile is getting an “A” grade, as is Washington D.C., Alaska, Nevada, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

A quick County 10 personal note – the “scoreboard” of course makes no mention of the fact that many rural Wyoming residents travel long distances for basic supplies, jobs, or really… to get anywhere.

All the details from Unacast can be viewed here.