Wyoming Game & Fish share tips to prepare for spring boating and fishing

h/t WGFD

LANDER – This is a great time of year to start thinking about the boating season, and if you start preparing now you will be ready as soon as there is open water, which is a hot time to fish too!

Here is a short checklist to get you started either independently or in consultation with a mechanic:

  • Inspect the engine and fuel system. Look for worn-out belts and hoses. Check the fluids and look for leaks.
  • Clean all electrical connections and make sure batteries are charged and that lights are working properly.
  • Check your trailer lights and tires.
  • Read your boating regulations and check that you have the proper equipment like a fire extinguisher, air horn, lights, and a throwable device.
  • Check the condition of your personal flotation devices. And see that you have the proper fitting sizes for your family and guests.
  • Renew the registration on your boat if it has expired.
  • Check to see that all your recreation equipment and supplies are in good shape and if you plan to fish check to see when your license and conservation stamp expire.
  • Finally, put your drain plug back in if you removed it at the end of the season.

– WGFD –