Wyoming Game & Fish introduces new statewide sage grouse and sagebrush biologist

    The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently selected a new statewide sage grouse and sagebrush biologist. Leslie Schreiber, who currently serves as the Greybull wildlife biologist, will guide Game and Fish’s conservation strategies and research on the sagebrush landscape starting November 1.
    “We are looking forward to Leslie taking the reins of the Game and Fish’s sage grouse program.  Her experience as a wildlife biologist in the Greybull area and her work on sage grouse in south-central Wyoming have provided her with a solid foundation to guide monitoring and management of this iconic species into the future,” said Doug Brimeyer, Game and Fish deputy chief of wildlife.
    Schreiber brings a strong background in research and coordination from leading the Cody region’s lek assignments and data entry as well as chairing the Bighorn Basin sage grouse local working group. She received her master’s degree from the prestigious University of Missouri in 2014 where her research focused on the effects of wind energy development on greater sage grouse in south-central Wyoming.
    “Wyoming is the leader in sage grouse conservation and collaboration. I am honored to continue the work that has been going on for over a decade to proactively manage an icon of the West,” said Schreiber.
    Schreiber also is passionate about the iconic western bird and her interest in the bird starts when they hatch.
    “Most people see the elaborate courtship displays of male sage grouse dancing on the lek, and while that’s interesting, I am fascinated by the critical first two weeks of a chick’s life,” she said. “Right after they hatch, the camouflaged chicks are ready to run after their mother to find insects and forbs to eat. During the next 14 days, they triple in size, learn how to fly, and stick close to the hen for thermoregulation. If that two-inch tall ball of fluff survives to next year, they will breed and start the process all over.”


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