Wyoming Game and Fish says your moss ball could be worth $1200

    (Wyoming) – The recent issue with zebra mussels and moss balls used in aquariums has Wyoming Game and Fish partnering with multiple organizations to help eliminate it and at the same time giving someone a chance to win $1200.

    Zebra mussels are a very invasive mollusk that is currently threating Wyoming waters. Wyoming Trout Unlimited, along with other sponsors, have joined the fight in helping with a month long give-back program. If you return a moss ball, you are in for a drawing for $1200.

    According to Wyoming Game and Fish, all aquarium moss balls are eligible to be submitted to the program. If you would like to return a moss ball, net it out of the water and put it in a sealed baggie or sealed container. Then take it to one of the offices listed below. The closest one for Fremont County residents is the Lander office.


    Johnson County Emergency Management, 26 N. DeSmet, Buffalo
    Game and Fish Sheridan Regional Office, 700 Valley View Dr., Sheridan
    Game and Fish Cody Regional Office, 2820 Highway 120, Cody
    Game and Fish Jackson Regional Office, 420 N. Cache St., Jackson
    Game and Fish Pinedale Regional Office, 432 E. Mill St., Pinedale
    Game and Fish Green River Regional Office, 351 Astle Ave. ​Green River
    Game and Fish Lander Regional Office, 260 Buena Vista Dr. Lander
    Game and Fish Casper Regional Office, 3030 Energy Ln., Casper
    Game and Fish Laramie Regional Office, 1212 S. Adams St., Laramie
    Game and Fish Headquarters, 5400 Bishop Blvd., Cheyenne

    If you know someone who has an aquarium, pass on the information.


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