Wyoming electric vehicle company announces 2023 projects; two happening locally

    (Fremont County, WY) – OtterSpace Electric Vehicle is pleased to announce partnerships that will bring fast charging and Level 2 charging services to communities around Wyoming in the coming months, starting with Lander, Pinedale, Dubois, and Laramie — with more to come this year and beyond.

    By partnering with local governments and businesses in communities around the state,
    including Fremont County Museums, the Town of Pinedale, and the City of Laramie,
    OtterSpace is working to help Wyoming main streets, small businesses, tourism and travel
    attractions, and amenities benefit from growing EV traffic. Beginning in the late spring and
    running through the fall, OtterSpace will begin installing chargers in these four communities and more, with additional projects for 2023 and beyond to be announced in the coming weeks. All installations will be completed in partnership with AMG Electric, based in Laramie, Wyoming.

    First projects

    Lander’s 120 kW fast charging station will be installed at the Fremont County Pioneer Museum on the west end of Lander. The Pioneer Museum is not only a major tourism asset in Fremont County, but also a major hub hosting educational programming on local history, geology, and wildlife as well as community events. The museum is also walking distance from a City of Lander visitor’s center and a number of local retail stops. Anticipated to be in service by early June, the Lander charger is the first of three projects planned to eventually bring charging to all three Fremont County Museum locations.


    The Lander project will be followed by an installation at the Dubois Museum in Dubois later in the summer, which will be supplied with a 200 kW fast charger, providing some of the fastest EV charging in the state. The Dubois station will be installed near the historic Swan’s Service Station, an antique gas station on museum grounds, which will provide travelers with a unique charging stop that delivers an engaging slice of local transportation history. OtterSpace will also initiate planning for the Riverton Museum station this summer, with installation slated for 2024.

    In Pinedale, a 120 kW charging station will be installed on public parking at 31 North Maybell, in the heart of downtown Pinedale and adjacent to many attractions and retail amenities, providing a convenient and engaging charging stop for travelers visiting or passing through Pinedale. This station will provide direct access to local food and entertainment options during summer travel months, and encourage drivers to get out and explore the Town of Pinedale and the many downtown destinations available nearby.

    Finally, OtterSpace is thrilled to begin a long-term partnership with the City of Laramie with 80A Level 2 charging installations planned for public parking at 1st and University Avenue, just adjacent to Laramie’s busy downtown shopping district. Level 2 charging in downtown Laramie will help provide access for EV drivers to the many downtown amenities and activities offered through Laramie year round.

    About OtterSpace

    Founded in 2021, OtterSpace primarily focuses on delivering fast charging services, as well as Level 2 EV charging in select locations, and works by partnering with businesses and
    governments interested in attracting EV traffic. Installations in Lander, Pinedale, and Dubois this summer will bring 120-200 kW fast charging to attractive main street locations; in Laramie, OtterSpace is working to install Level 2 charging in the downtown while looking toward larger fast charging stations closer to the interstate for 2024 and beyond. Charging service, network connectivity, and 24/7 assistance will be provided through OtterSpace’s partnership with EV Connect, a company with an international footprint and over a decade of experience.


    “OtterSpace was founded to bring world-class EV charging with local service to Wyoming
    communities,” said President and Founder Mike Yin. “We’re thrilled to be working in partnership with local governments and business leaders throughout the state to make sure that our main streets and travel destinations can attract this growing class of driver.”

    “Electric vehicles need fast charging options to ensure that they can make longer trips,” adds company vice president Kristen Gunther. “It’s a service that is increasingly important as major auto manufacturers like GM and Ford are quickly working to electrify their fleets. Right now, EV drivers don’t have many options outside of interstates for fast charging, which puts so much of our state out of reach.”

    OtterSpace’s 2023 installations will play a key role in filling those gaps and ensuring that all of Wyoming is accessible to drivers, no matter what consumer choice they make in vehicles.


    “We’re proud to be the only Wyoming EV charging company that focuses on fast charging, so that Wyoming businesses can benefit from offering this 21st century amenity while working directly with in-state personnel who understand the real needs of our communities,” says Yin.


    Todd Feezer, Assistant City Manager, City of Laramie: “We are very excited about our
    partnership with OtterSpace. By combining forces, OtterSpace and the City of Laramie will be able to quickly provide new EV charging in Laramie. These new stations will be placed in
    convenient locations in our retail sector, providing shopping and dining options for the EV driver community while they charge their vehicles.”

    Scott Goetz, Director, Fremont County Museums: “Fremont County Museums are excited to
    be working with OtterSpace to complete installation of EV Charging units at the Dubois
    Museum, Pioneer Museum and the Riverton Museum. We believe providing EV Stations at
    each museum will increase awareness in our museums and the valuable Cultural Heritage we have to share. OtterSpace has proven to be an excellent partner for the Museums and we are thrilled to play a larger role in the economic development in each of our communities by helping provide opportunities for visitors to Wind River Country the access to services they need to enjoy all Fremont County has to offer.”


    Matt Murdock, Mayor, Town of Pinedale: “The Town of Pinedale is happy to partner with
    OtterSpace to provide EV charging for visitors to and residents of the area. This public-private partnership comes at little, if any cost, to the town and will give Pinedale area residents more transportation options while allowing us to welcome a broader tourism base to strengthen local businesses.”

    Joe Thell, Senior Vice President of Sales & Business Development at EV Connect: “By
    deploying at multiple locations and using several types of charging stations, OtterSpace is
    demonstrating true sophistication in its approach. At the forefront of EV charging, we find
    organizations that take the time to understand the changing needs of the locations they serve, essential to sustainable growth of EV’s. With an eye towards future needs, and a firm grasp of what it takes to manage and maintain the equipment, OtterSpace has proven to be a forward-thinking leader in its expansion to enable a sustainable future. We are delighted to be able to serve OtterSpace and its many new customers with a digital EV charging network that will not only ensure maximum uptime and reliability for these charging stations, but also ensure seamless growth for years to come.”


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