Wyoming driver licenses Real ID compliant

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    Not sure if you have a valid federally compliant Wyoming driver license? Just check the top right corner.

    The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) has been issuing REAL ID compliant driver licenses since 2011, which currently feature a gold star in the top right corner. WYDOT has recently started issuing a new revamped driver license, and those will also feature a star in the top right corner. However, it will be a black circle with the star shape in the middle.


    “Residents who are wondering if they have REAL ID compliant licenses just need to check the top right corner and to see if they have that star,” said Misty Dobson, WYDOT Driver Services program manager. “We’ve been issuing the REAL ID compliant licenses for a while now so most everyone should have them.”

    REAL ID compliant driver licenses can be used to board commercial airplanes. Starting Oct. 1, 2020, all U.S. citizens will need a REAL ID compliant driver license or identification card, a passport or other documents approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

    Those who have state identification cards, as opposed to state driver licenses, will need to double check to make sure they are REAL ID complaint. Prior to 2010, identification cards didn’t have an expiration date. However, state law changed and now identification cards expire every eight years, similar to driver licenses.

    To double check, residents who have identification cards need to look at the top right corner to see if there is a gold star. If there isn’t, they can visit their local WYDOT Driver Services location to apply for a new one.


    When someone applies for a Wyoming driver license or identification card, they will need to show several documents to comply with the REAL ID federal requirements.

    People must provide one proof of identity, two proofs of current residence, proof of social security number and name change documents, if applicable.

    For proof of identity, all documents must be originals or certified amended originals. People can bring in one of the following – state certified birth certificate, valid unexpired U.S. passport, consular report of birth abroad, certificate of citizenship, certificate of naturalization, valid permanent resident card, valid employment authorization document and valid foreign passport and U.S. visa.


    To show current residence, documents must contain a person’s name and physical address, no P.O. boxes. A parent/guardian can provide proof of residence in their names for their children under the age of 18.

    Examples of current residence documents include a utility bill, rent receipt, bank statement, insurance policy, mortgage document, vehicle registration, pay stub, tax document, voter registration, report card, magazine bill or doctor bill.

    For proof of social security number, people can show their social security card, W-2 form, bank statement that includes full social security number or any official or government document that includes the person’s name and full social security number.


    For more information on renewing or obtaining a driver license or identification card, people can visit WYDOT’s website at

    The above information was shared by the Department of Transportation. 


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