Wyoming currently has the least face mask requirements in the country

    (Wyoming) – As of April 6th, Wyoming ranks as the state with the fewest public face mask requirements and the least large gathering restrictions.

    Data from WalletHub suggests that overall, Wyoming is the state with the third-least COVID-19 related restrictions.

    Coronavirus Restrictions in Wyoming (1=Fewest, 25=Avg.):

    • 1st – Requirement to Wear a Face Mask in Public
    • 1st – Workplace Temperature Screening
    • 1st – State Guidance on Customer Health Checks at Restaurants
    • 1st – Travel Restrictions
    • 1st – Large Gatherings Restrictions
    • 1st – Strictness of “Shelter in Place” Order
    • 1st – Reopening of Non-Essential Businesses
    • 1st – Reopening of Restaurants and Bars
    • 1st – Working from Home Requirements/Recommendations

    According to the list, Wyoming ranks behind only Iowa and Florida for fewest restrictions.

    States with the most restrictions include Vermont, Washington D.C., Delaware, Virginia, and Washington.

    For the full list click here.


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