Wyoming confirmed Coronavirus cases higher than 7 more populated states

NBC News

As of Thursday, Wyoming has the 43rd highest confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases among the United States 50 states, at 18 confirmed patients.

That means there are 7 states with higher populations that have fewer cases than Wyoming. Those states include; Hawaii (16), Idaho (11), Montana (11), South Dakota (11), North Dakota (7), Alaska (6), and West Virginia (2). Additionally, the United States territory of Puerto Rico is less than Wyoming, at 5 confirmed cases.


Meanwhile, Colorado, ranks 10th highest in the nation with 216 cases as of Thursday morning. Utah has 63 confirmed cases, and Nebraska has 40.

New York has 4,152 confirmed cases for the most in the United States, Washington has 1,191 for second-most, and California has 873.

More than 10,000 cases have been reported in the United States and there have been at least 150 reported deaths.

You can follow a real-time map of cases in the United States here from NBC News.

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