More Wants To Help You Celebrate Spring!

    Every year, spring brings a wonderful breath of fresh air to central Wyoming – and spring this year is even more exciting than usual! As we start to emerge from the pandemic with its worries and restrictions, the grass seems a little greener, the air a little fresher, and the sun a little brighter. This last year has been one for the history books, but despite shelter-in-place orders, mask mandates, school closures, economic worries, and of course, the virus itself, many of us have still been able to stay busy living and improving our lives. And was no exception!

    As you may already know, has continued to make big improvements to its network. They are now offering larger bandwidth packages as well as infrastructure upgrades that will make a big difference in the lives of customers across Fremont County. Since their website and logo have seen a lot of miles, they’ve also recently refreshed both of those as well.

    But perhaps their most current and exciting new offering is their new 50 Mbps for $50 a month package. For customers who need to support a more robust network or need more speed, they also offer a 100 Mbps package in some areas for only $90 per month. And as an added bonus, there are no long-term contracts involved! The people at have been amazed and grateful for the overwhelming response from the people in Fremont County, and are excited to give back to this wonderful community.


    As Spring starts to be in full swing, is excited to announce the first of many upcoming promotions. During April and May, every customer who signs up for new Internet service will be entered into a drawing for an outdoor patio WIFI system! With state-of-the-art, weatherproofed equipment, you can expand both you and your family’s enjoyment to the great outdoors. Have a movie night, turn the game on, listen to your favorite music, or just enhance your family’s WIFI options – all while getting some fresh air.

    The drawing will be held on June 4th, and the winner will be contacted by phone or email. If you have any questions or would like to start service, get in touch with by calling 307-856-6400.


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