Wyoming Business Council board recommends 10 projects for funding

    The Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors recommended four Business Ready Community (BRC) funding requests and approved six Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) applications during its Dec. 6 meeting in Laramie.

    The Business Council board’s decisions on CDBG applications are final. The board’s BRC recommendations will now move to the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) for final approval at its 8 a.m. meeting on Jan. 17.

    Board meeting materials are available for review at


    Business Council staff review each application, conduct site visits, or conference calls in the case of planning grants, and make presentations to a board subcommittee before making final recommendations to the full board.

    About the Program: The Wyoming Business Council administers the Business Ready Community grant and loan program, which provides financing for publicly owned infrastructure that serves the needs of businesses and promotes economic development within Wyoming communities.

    Statute requires the Business Council board to forward BRC grant and loan recommendations to the SLIB for final approval. The SLIB comprises the five statewide elected officials: the governor, secretary of state, state auditor, state treasurer and state superintendent of public instruction.

    Business Committed 

    • Alpine requests a $3 million BRC grant for a brewery waste pre-treatment system/facility and expansion of the existing Melvin Brewing Company facility. Increasing volumes of wastewater with high concentrations of organic materials and solids have resulted in a 20-fold increase in the volume of residual waste solids generated in the brewing operations. Alpine’s water treatment facility is unable to handle the volume and is therefore transporting it to Afton at an average cost of $20,000 per month. In addition, a 23,000 square-foot expansion to the Melvin facility will focus on packaging, shipping and office space to free up space for expanding kitchen and tasting room space and allow the facility to grow into a brew pub. (Board does not recommend funding.)

    • Guernsey requests $717,792 in BRC Business Committed grant funds to extend 260 feet of single-rail across the Buffalo Road in the Guernsey Business Park. The expanded rail will allow the privately owned transportation and logistics company John Bunning Transfer Company to grow and create eight to 10 new jobs. The expansion will also better position the town to attract other related businesses to the industrial park. (Board recommends full funding.)
    • Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Authority requests a $2,850,000 BRC grant and a $1,510,761 BRC loan for the construction of a manufacturing facility of up to 40,000 square-feet with offices and a parking lot on approximately four acres in the Sheridan High Tech Gateway subdivision. The facility would allow Kennon Products, Inc. to expand and increase their capacity to deliver new products to clients and take advantage of emerging opportunities. (Board recommends full funding.)

    Community Readiness

    • Campbell County Public Land Joint Powers Board requests a $3 million BRC Community Development Readiness grant for the renovation and remodel of the Energy Hall and Heritage Center at the CAM-PLEX Multi-Events Facility in Gillette. Renovations will include replacement of flooring, skylights, wall and ceiling finishes, new doors and hardware, replacement of lighting and plumbing fixtures, ADA upgrades, mechanical system upgrades and other necessary improvements. (Board does not recommend funding.)

    Community Enhancement

    • Town of Glenrock requests a $72,687 BRC Community Development Enhancement grant to expand and enhance the walking and biking trail system spanning the town of Glenrock. Enhancements will include pedestrian crosswalk striping, solar-powered crosswalk lighting, landscaping, parking area, signage, benches, ADA ramps and bollards. (Board recommends full funding.)

    • Town of Pinedale requests a $179,062 BRC Community Development Enhancement grant to construct a dump and water filling station for recreational vehicles, tour buses and industrial tank trucks. The location will be marketed to tour bus companies that travel through Pinedale on the way to Jackson and Yellowstone, increasing tourist traffic in Pinedale and spurring economic growth in the immediate area. Funds will also be used to add a power box near the American Legion to replace the need for generators at events such as the Green River Rendezvous, brew fest and other gatherings. (Board recommends full funding.)


    CDBG projects are funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Projects must benefit low- to moderate-income clientele, eliminate slum or blight or mitigate an urgent threat. To determine eligibility, staff reviews a pre-qualification form submitted by applicants early in the program year. If the project meets the program guidelines, applicants are notified the project is eligible and they are approved to submit an application by the deadline. Staff review applications and conduct site visits.

    • Albany County (Rock River Building Demolition) — $250,000 to demolish and dispose of a building located between two privately-owned residences. The building is in disrepair and poses a fire hazard and danger to the public and surrounding structures. Rock River purchased the building from an absentee owner. (Board approved full funding.)

    • Basin Eagles Building — $370,000 to demolish and clear a blighted building in downtown Basin. The building, previously the Eagles Hall, is collapsing onto the sidewalk and into the adjacent street, posing a health and safety risk. (Board approved full funding.)

    • Fort Laramie Water and Sewer — $500,000 for phase 3 sanitary sewer and water improvements. The project will continue the process of removing and replacing the sanitary sewer and water distribution pipelines and associated appurtenances. The majority of the town’s sewer and water pipelines are outdated, deteriorated and are increasingly becoming maintenance issues as well as health and safety concerns. (Board approved full funding.)

    • Sheridan County (COMPASS Center) — $500,000 to remodel an existing building to allow the necessary room to safely accommodate the needs of high-risk families in Sheridan County. (Board approved full funding.)

    • Torrington Water System Improvements — $420,176 to replace aging infrastructure for enhanced fire protection, modernized fire hydrants, rehabilitation of water mains and water service line improvements. (Board approved full funding.)

    • Yoder Water Storage and Distribution Improvements — $500,000 to replace two water storage tanks and upgrade and extend the water distribution system. The project will address fire protection and increased water pressure and flows. (Board approved full funding.)

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