Wyoming big game license draw results are posted

We think we know what you’re looking for, so stop reading this post and…

Check your draw results here!


In the past we must warn you, during draw result day the Wyoming Game and Fish Department system has completely crashed or gotten bogged down with too much traffic. So, if it’s not working, do your best to be patient, and try again in a few.

Resident elk, deer, and antelope, as well as nonresident deer and antelope results, should be available.

Hunters who were successful in the draw can start planning their hunt with some help from the Wyoming Hunt Planner. Maps of hunt areas including features like land status, the ability to plot scouting locations, harvest odds from past years and more have been updated.

Those who were unsuccessful will have their license fees applied back to the credit card used to apply. Applications for leftover licenses will open June 24-28, the leftover list is expected to be posted today. Hunters can also apply for the Wyoming Super Tag and Super Tag Trifecta until July 1st.