Wyoming Arts Council announces 2023 Wyoming Road Trip Playlist

The Wyoming Arts Council is pleased to announce the 2023 Wyoming Road Trip Playlist. Listen to the playlist on Spotify now.

The musical talent of the Cowboy State provides the perfect soundtrack for any adventure, especially those that require long drives across the high plains or through mountain passes. 

Songs were selected by Jami Duffy, the Executive Director of Youth on Record and Co-Manager of the Underground Music Showcase in Denver, CO. The Wyoming Road Trip Playlist is an annual part of the Arts Council’s Wyoming Independent Music Initiative (WIMI), working to build a robust music scene in Wyoming. 


Artists and tracks include:

  1. Prairie Wildfire | Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy
  2. WYO  | Running Wild
  3. Hoi Ann | Free Country, Western Show
  4. Aaron Davis | One Good Wing
  5. Kalyn Beasley | Never Knew Kind of Love
  6. Quinlan Valdez | Blue Sunlight
  7. wAHB | It Takes a Lot to Love a Wild Thing
  8. SGRNY | 1% Juice
  9. Jordan Smith | Waiting on Me
  10. Kaspen Haley and Boxelder Stomp | Raise Your Glass
  11. Prairie Wildfire | Heart You Couldn’t Hold
  12. J Shogren Shanghai’d | NIght Bird Sky
  13. Merskabah | Haunting Me
  14. Stay Awhile | I Left a Beer in the Fridge and the Back Door Light On (Beer Door)
  15. Spoken | Reach The Sky
  16. The Two Tracks | All Women Are Healers
  17. Walking Snakes| Alternate Ending
  18. Ashes of Denial | The Candle
  19. Walk the Doctor | The Shakedown
  20. Wynona | Great Big Room
  21. Screen Door Porch | The Parade
  22. Flyover Town| Cody Rodeo
  23. Patrick W Stafford | Love Like Sweet Honey
  24. De Gringos Y Gremmies| Valley Rider

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