WYDOT produces crosswalk safety video

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. – The Wyoming Department of Transportation has produced a new safety video about the proper use of crosswalks. 

    The 3 ½ minute video titled “Crosswalk Safety” can be found on WYDOT’s YouTube Channel WYDOT VideosA link to the video was provided to all Wyoming schools through the Wyoming Department of Education. 

    Though geared towards young people, the video contains helpful information for pedestrians of all ages. 


    According to Wyoming crash data, approximately 24% of pedestrian-involved crashes from 2017-2020 involved a school-aged pedestrian.  30% of those pedestrians were walking to or from school at the time of the crash.

    “It’s important for pedestrians and drivers to know how to navigate through crosswalk intersections as safely as possible” said WYDOT Director Luke Reiner. “People on foot should remember that not all crosswalks are the same – some are unmarked, some are just paint on the road, and others have signals that need to be manually activated.”

    Reiner added that it’s important for those on foot to look both ways before crossing, make eye contact with drivers, and never step out into the intersection until vehicles are stopped in all directions.

    “For drivers, it’s really about slowing down when you’re in a crosswalk area, paying attention to the signs and flashing lights, and putting away distractions such as cell phones,” Reiner said.   


    WYDOT is hopeful that all children in Wyoming will get the opportunity to watch the video, whether at school or at home with their families. 

    “Pedestrian safety should be an important topic for everyone,” Reiner said. “Hopefully this video will help people know how to safely get across the street no matter what type of crosswalk they’re using.” 


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