New State Laws will update WYDOT Driver Services policies and help with conservation efforts

    The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) is implementing new and updated policies for Driver Services that will clarify driver license issues and provide ways to donate to conservation efforts.

    Laws that went into effect on July 1 that impact Driver Services include original House Bill 005 (Driver Licenses and State Identification Cards), House Bill 007 (Commercial Learner’s Permits), and Senate File 0018 (Wildlife Conservation Efforts). Senate File 0004 (Wildlife Conservation Account) relates to WYDOT’s wildlife conservation plate Motor Vehicle Services oversees.

    One of the provisions under House Bill 005 adds language indicating that if and when the state moves forward with a digital driver’s license, it can do so.
    “We’re still researching the potential options for a digital solution,” said Misty Dobson, WYDOT Driver Services program manager. “We are not currently offering this as an option to Wyoming residents because we are only in the very early stages of looking into this.”
    Besides the digital license language, the other provisions under the new law indicate that residents can only have one REAL ID compliant credential, which means they can either have a driver license or ID card, and that Driver Services can communicate by electronic means to residents once a system is in place.
    House Bill 007 extends the expiration date of the commercial learner’s permit from 180 days to 365 days. This gives the applicant more time to complete all of the skills tests without having to return to Driver Services and start the process over. Previously, if an applicant only completed some of the skills tests within the 180 days, they would need to start over with all the skills tests.
    Under Senate File 0018, WYDOT will now enable residents who are applying for or renewing their driver licenses or ID cards to make a donation to the state’s wildlife conservation efforts.
    Senate File 0004 adds language that enables residents to make an additional donation to the state’s wildlife conservation fund when they apply for a new wildlife conservation license plate or when they pay their annual renewal fee.
    The initial fee for the plate is $180 and the annual renewal is $50. The state Legislature approved the new plate in 2018 and WYDOT began offering it on Jan. 1, 2019. Since then, Wyoming residents and nonprofits have made donations to the state to help with conservation efforts, which include signage, animal crossings, fences and other related work.
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