WSCI is helping the Sandwich Generation with caregiving

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It is roughly estimated that American families provide 80-90 percent of all in-home long term care services for their aging family members, disabled adults, and other loved ones. This caregiving may be provided by a spouse, sibling, friend, or other family members. These caregivers are assisting with housekeeping, shopping, banking, coordinating medical appointments, providing transportation, and coordinating other services.

Who or what is the Sandwich Generation? Currently, the typical American Sandwich Generation Caregiver is in her forties, married, employed, and cares for her family as well as at least one elderly family member. It is noted, however, that more and more men are finding themselves in this role as caregivers.

These individuals find themselves facing several stressors including:

  • Balancing time between work, children, spouse, and elderly loved ones.
  • How much time is too much time in each caregiving role?
  • Taking too much time away from work due to caregiving roles (sick child/sick parent, etc), This is impacted more so living in a rural setting, traveling out of town or state for appointments.
  • Finding resources for loved ones
  • Keeping track of everyone’s schedules.
  • Guilt, Guilt, and more Guilt for not having enough time to accomplish everything I should be doing.

There are a few things that someone can do to help deal with these stressors:

  • Ask for assistance
  • Take time to care for yourself
  • Take time to be “in” your marriage
  • Listen to your body. If your body is telling you to slow down or something is not right, seek medical advice.

Let Wyoming Senior Citizens, Inc. National Family Caregiver Support Program help be a part of your team. We can help with homemaking, respite care, support group, and connecting to other needed resources. Call today, 307-856-6880, and ask for Kelly Shaffer.

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