WRTA to provide free UW Thanksgiving bus

The Wind River Transportation Authority announced Monday the local transit will again be providing the University of Wyoming Thanksgiving bus for Thanksgiving 2022. 

WRTA Manager Gary Michaud stated, “WRTA started providing this bus after several accidents involving UW students returning home for the holiday. Many of us sorrowfully recall these tragedies. This year the bus service is free to the anyone traveling from Laramie to the Fremont County area and a return trip as well. We strongly encourage parents and students to consider using this service. Again, the service is entirely free.”

This year, the bus will depart the University of Wyoming Union (1000 East University Avenue) at noon on Tuesday, November 22nd.  The bus will drop off riders at the Lander WYDOT around 4:00 p.m. and Riverton WYDOT at 4:45 p.m.


Then on Sunday, the bus will return to the University of Wyoming. The bus will depart Riverton WYDOT at 8 a.m. and Lander WYDOT at 8:45. Anyone interested in riding the bus should call the WRTA at 307-856-7118 and reserve a spot.

Michaud recalled one year he drove a WRTA bus full of passengers from UW during a severe winter snowstorm, “All the roads were closing right behind us. It was not fun to drive, but we were so glad to keep the riders safe for their families.” Michaud pointed out that WRTA has professional drivers with CDL’s and training. 

Michaud suggested the bus could also transport Rawlins students. Additionally, a family of a student from Dubois/Jackson could meet the student in Lander instead of driving the entire trip. 

The Wind River Transportation Authority is the county-wide bus transit service available for Fremont County.  WRTA is governed by the Fremont County Association of Governments, a consortium of the municipalities and Fremont County to address countywide issues.  Funding for the WRTA is provided by the 1/2% economic development sales tax and WYDOT 5311 grants. 


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