Woman transporting over 50 snakes, other animals with children in car taken into custody by RPD; locals assisting with rescue, housing

    All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    (Riverton, WY) – A 33-year-old Nampa, ID woman was detained and put on mental hold by the Riverton Police Department (RPD) Wednesday morning, November 1, after it was discovered she was transporting dozens of snakes, various reptiles, and a dog and a cat, all of which were in the vehicle with three children.

    The information was released in the November 2 RPD arrest call log, which stated the nature of the call was “child abuse and neglect,” after reports of the children being found bruised and filthy, “wearing only underwear, with no other clothes.”


    The woman reportedly became hostile toward law enforcement when contacted, verbally threatening officers with a crossbow (which the woman was later determined to not be in possession of).

    The woman’s name has not been released at this time.

    According to the PRD report, the children were taken to family services, and the cat and the dog were dropped off at a local shelter.

    “All of the animals were reportedly in extremely poor condition,” the report states.


    The snakes and other reptiles were then taken to local pet shop Critters, Scales & Tails, who were tasked with providing adequate housing for the animals.

    Kiley Troia, owner, told County 10 that the animals were in very rough shape, with most of the snakes piled into pillow cases, and the others in containers not meant for transportation of any kind.

    “It was really sad,” Troia commented, adding that she has only had one hour of sleep since dealing with the whole ordeal. “I’m blown away by how many animals were in her car.”


    Troia went on to say that they haven’t lost a single animal life during the rescue, and that the animals will be rehabilitated, quarantined for one week, and eventually available to purchase.

    Troia also reached out to Tristan Larsen, a local animal trainer and rescue advocate, who assisted in the rescue.

    “I would honestly just like to see people that are abusing animals get put in jail for animal cruelty neglect or abuse,” Larsen commented. “We have laws that need to be enforced in this community or else it’s never gonna quit happening whether they are furry scaled or feathery.”


    She went on to thank Troia for all her efforts, as well as her own 16-year-old son Lucious for helping save the day. “He knows more about reptiles than anybody else.”

    County 10 will provide further information if/when it becomes available.


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