Winter weather is just around the corner – Luckily, so is RTO!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like “new tires” weather out there. Fall has just begun and it’s bringing winter with it. Lucky for you RTO is your friendly neighborhood tire shop with big savings to boot!

    It’s fall in Wyoming. Sunny, rainy, or snowy days can come in close succession, and it can snow at any time even NEXT WEEK. Because of such fast-changing weather conditions, trustworthy tires are a priority for safe driving. Better not underestimate what Mother Nature can throw our way! What are you waiting for? Get those tires checked, changed, and ready for ANY kind of weather!

    In any road conditions, “all-season tires” give you the traction you need at the price you want. Winter tires are also available to help get you ready and safe for the slick roads October is sure to bring.


    One day left for Toyo Time.

    Here at RTO, we know you want the safest tires on your vehicle at the best price. That’s why we always offer the best service and prices every day. Right now, it’s Toyo Time at RTO! Get up to $150 back on a new set of Toyo tires.

    The offer is good until October 9th. Don’t waste any time. Simply call or visit RTO Point S and RTO Hilltop Point S to have your tires inspected by professionals.

    RTO understands that you may not want to go out and that’s why they offer vehicle pick-up services. RTO Point S or RTO Hilltop Point S will come to pick up your vehicle and take it in for new tires or even a simple service job. If there is a possible problem, they will send you videos, pictures, etc. to help you decide what further action you want to take. Everything can be done without you even leaving your house! RTO promises to make it as seamless as possible.


    RTO Point S at 613 S Federal Blvd, Riverton, WY 82501, 307-856-9744

    RTO Hilltop Point S at 912 West Main, Riverton, Wyoming 82501, 307-856-1412


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